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  • landscaping design and build in Ashland Oregon

Services Offered by Eric Simpson Landscaping

Eric Simpson Landscaping offers a wide range of top-quality landscaping services at competitive prices. We are an “all phase” landscaper, which means we are duly licensed by the State of Oregon in all areas of landscape contracting, including the installation of irrigation and backflow assemblies.
  • garden arbor and fencing with paver path
  • custom wood deck design and installation
  • custom hardscaping stacked rock walls with cement stairs
  • stacked rock terrace hardscaping design
  • paver pathway design installation
  • stacked stone retaining wall with planting area
  • installed paver pathway to front porch
  • stacked stone retaining walls with planting beds and built-in barbecue
  • rock retaining wall and mulching installation
Hardscaping design and build



  • Outdoor cooking areas and gathering spaces.
  • Let Eric Simpson Landscaping provide the knowledge and expertise in quality outdoor appliances and construction. Let us provide the details to create outdoor spaces to enhance the livability of your residential environment.


  • Edging: Pre-cast Concrete Edging, Wood, Recycled Plastic, and Bender-steel
  • Pavers: Walkway and Driveway Pavers, Paver Cleaning and Sealing
  • Flagstone: Stone Walkways and Patios
  • Gravel:
    • Decorative Gravel Pathways and Utility Areas
    • Steppable Walkway Planting: Add beauty and charm to your garden pathways with Steppable Groundcovers


  • Segmental Pre-cast Units: We are experts in the installation of Segmented Concrete Retaining Walls. Modern to Old World looks enable us to tailor the hardscape elements to the distinctive features of your home.
  • Rock: Natural rock is a great compliment to your garden. Eric Simpson Landscaping can install dry-stacked or mortared rock walls in many types of stone.
  • Courtyard Walls & Columns: Segmental Pre-cast Units to provide beautiful entries and niche areas within your landscape.
  • Stucco: We can install Modern Stucco Landscape Walls to match your stucco home.
  • Seat Walls & Firepit: Garden Sitting Height Walls in Stone or Stucco often associated with a firepit to create a wonderful gathering space with ambiance and charm.


  • Broom Finished
  • Stamped
  • Exposed Aggregate


6 x 6 Timber Steps to provide a pleasant, negotiable means of traversing changes in landscape elevation.


  • Wood Fences
  • Deer Fences
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Wood Decks
  • Composite Materials


Basalt, Oregon Moss Rock, and Granite Boulders are expertly selected and placed by our landscape artisans for maximum aesthetic appeal and natural appearance.


These are wonderfully appealing and often useful as a means to provide for drain-ways and surface water collection. Eric Simpson Landscapers are experts at creating natural appearing water elements.


  • • Natural, historical, modern, or whimsical, we have the experience and vision to create the ultimate landscape ambiance. With our engineering, using the best in materials, filtration, and pumping systems, we will provide a system that minimizes maintenance.
  • We are experts in aquatic plant material.
  • Ask about aqua / hydroponics and let Eric Simpson Landscaping show you the ultimate in gardening with your ‘perfect’ natural ecosystem.


  • Our experience includes the installation of large lined ponds for water storage and golf courses.
  • We have constructed large, natural appearing ‘headwaters’ for pumping systems well over 7,000 Gallons per Minute.
  • We can vegetate large bodies of water and install large bio-filters to enhance water quality.

Need landscaping services or want to discuss your landscaping ideas? Send an email or call us today at (541) 973-5497 so we can help you explore just how Eric Simpson Landscaping can help turn your landscaping dreams into water-conserving reality!

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